Exercise is important for physical and mental and emotional health.  There are exercises for everything  — body, mind, emotions, finances, spirituality, communication, and much more.

Physical exercise keeps our bodies healthy by activity, stretching, strength building, endurance building and balance.  All ages need exercise, but different kinds and amounts at each age in our lives.   Children have play times, older people might work out, or have family exercise days.  Seniors need to think about their joints and balance. Some people walk, ride bikes, hike, roller skate or dance for exercise.  There are so many activities to do for exercise. Whatever you do or are thinking about doing, get into a routine, keep it up and do it safely.

Start a new exercise routine slowly. If you’ve been inactive, this is especially important. Your body will need to adjust.  Always stretch to warm up and cool down so you don’t strain or tear muscles.

You can exercise your:


  • Arms

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  • Legs

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  • Core

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  • Face

Our faces have muscles too. We can’t control many things in life, but there are some things we can control, with effort. It does take some work, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of the effort it takes.  In other words, it’s worth it.  The older we get, the harder some things get, but if you start to get into the routine of doing some exercises every day, it will become a part of your life — no matter your age now.  We exercise other parts of our bodies, but our faces need exercise too.  Click here for a great resource for facial exercises.

The nice thing about facial exercises is that they can be done anywhere, and they only take a few minutes a day.

You Can Exercise Facial Muscles

You Can Exercise Facial Muscles

The facial muscles respond quickly because they are small.  You will see improvements quickly.

Facial exercises are also important for people who have had facial surgery, strokes, face lifts, eye surgery and mouth surgery.

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  • Kegel

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Here are some resources for different kinds of exercise:


Web MD



Mall Walking


Strength Building


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