Being Seniors

Living a happy, healthy life, with dignity and respect is a goal for seniors.

Getting Older

Well, it happens to all of us.  We get older.  All of us are older than we were six months ago. Or a year. Or two years.

We can’t avoid it.  So what can you and I do to make the best out of growing older the best we can?  There are many aspects of growing older to consider, many of which we consider as younger people, but now are considering them as older people.  They are still the aspects of life we deal with and have dealt with on a daily basis — just for older people, they are dealing with them with more experience because they are a little older, that’s all.  Same problems, same issues.

Do You Have An Older Relative Living in Your Home?

Are you a young family with older parents who live with you, or you with them? Or, are you a very young person who has an older family member living in the same home with you?  What kind of challenges do you face in your situation?   There are things you can do to help yourself  understand your older relative’s circumstances, reasoning and thinking.

Ask Yourself: How Do I View Older Persons?

When we ask ourselves, ‘How do view older persons?’, our answers may depend somewhat on our age.  No matter our age, however, we can learn to view older persons with fellow human feeling (empathy – look it up) and try to understand how they may feel and why.

How to Treat Older Persons With Dignity and Respect

Try hard to understand them; never treat a person with less respect because he or she is older; be patient; be careful that you never push or race past an older person; open the doors for them; look at them when you speak; help them remember things; help them find things. …

As an Older Person, How Do I View Myself?

What Does Getting Older Mean to Me?

Older Persons and Health

Older Persons Living At Home

Older Persons Staying Active

Older Persons and Their Friends