Alcohol -Use and Misuse


There is much information out there about alcohol abuse and alcoholics. Many people have friends or family members who are destroying their lives because of their misuse of alcohol.  People over-drink for many different reasons.  Some were mistreated or abused by their parents, some have been injured or have poor health, others like the way it makes them feel. Some drink to escape the cruel treatment from loved ones, from their own guilt, because they have a low view of themselves or because they have no purpose in life.  Whatever the reason, if you or someone you care about is abusing alcohol and suffering the devastating effects of it, know there is help available and you can get help for yourself or offer help and resources to someone you love.

Taking the steps necessary to change our life is not easy.  But it is possible and there is always hope.  Small steps turn into to big steps when they are put together, but the small steps are necessary.  Sometimes it can feel like we are constantly starting over.   Every day, however, is a new start, and a new opportunity to change the way we are going.

In Arizona, some of the resources available are:

Community Bridges

Halfway house

AA in Phoenix

These links can give you some starting points for researching which places and programs might be right for you or someone you care about.



Adult Children of Alcoholics

Information and Resources

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