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Every new day brings new possibilities and opportunities for something new. Don’t let today go by without taking advantage of one of them. Stretch your limits a little today. It’s a great way to cope with stress.

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“Often people ‘nag’ about what they don’t like or don’t want, and yet they fail to tell their mate what they do want.” — 20 Communication Tips for Couples

What does this have to do with business? We find that people complain (team mates, work mates) about what they aren’t doing themselves, and fail to communicate their wants and needs. Before we complain, lets check ourselves first. Secondly, lets communicate clearly what we want and what we need from each other, and talk to the right people to get what we need.

One way to handle stress is to not know all the answers.


Learn to love the monotony. It’s the monotony of some of the everyday activities that help us grow. There are everyday activities that all of us would rather not do, but need to be done. Just do them. Whistle while you work


Attitude is contagious – positive and negative.


We all need to develop our emotional intelligence when it comes to our home business, but this applies in personal life as well. We need to take responsibility for the personal activities that will make our business grow, improve our health, help our finances, help us be more disciplined. Assigning blame to others doesn’t help us.

*** ——-> her fault <——– his fault ———–> their fault <——— not me ***

Always remember that our present situation is not our future. The best is yet to come.


If you are having a particularly hard time right now with something or going through something very difficult, always do what’s right, no matter what. You will get through it and you will come out stronger. This applies to home business and personal life. It can be a situation with money, work, health, family. Don’t quit trying. You can make it through even seemingly impossible circumstances.

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Many people get used to handling the emergency rather than the plan. Don’t do that.


Martha is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She and her husband, Kris, along with Rovey, the house dog, live in Phoenix, Arizona. They share their time between Phoenix and Sandia Park, New Mexico, where they have a small family home in the beautiful Sandia Mountains. Between their five grown children, two live in Las Vegas, and three live in Arizona. Since Martha's late teens, she has pursued an interest in health and wellness, leading her eventually to share what she learned with friends and family. Always writing and scribbling notes on napkins, little pieces of paper and receipts, even her hand, she began to compile her ideas into one area where she could organize them. She shares everything from ideas about products; therapies; exercise; green home living; gardening; physical, financial, emotional and mental, and natural and spiritual health, and so much more. Having worked in the legal and real estate business for many years, Martha enjoys applying much of that experience to different aspects of health and wellness. In 2017, Martha celebrated her ten-year anniversary for her website, www.RobardsHealthyLifestyles.com. As Martha's on-line shopping club - home business continues to grow, she also enjoys seeing her website, www.ProfessionalMentorsInternational.com website, gain popularity as a home business mentoring website. Updated 4/15/18
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