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Our bodies need calcium for nerve health, bone health, brain function, heart function and proper muscle contraction. Many of us though, do not get enough calcium from the foods we eat.
It is important to make sure you’re getting enough calcium daily, and to supplement your calcium intake each day.
Calcium has challenges because it’s difficult for the body to absorb without the hormone calcitriol created by Vitamin D3, and it remains in the bloodstream unless enough Vitamin K2 is present which activates proteins to direct calcium to bones and teeth. Therefore, it is also important to supplement with D3 and K2 to help our bodies absorb calcium in the right way.
Take an inventory of what you eat daily and record your calcium intake. Supplement with a good, high quality, easily absorbed calcium product and Vitamin D3 and K2. Always check with your doctor too, to make sure what you are doing is in accord with your personal health care program. Make sure your medical providers know what you are taking.

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