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All in the Family Can Walk

All in the Family Can Walk

I started walking regularly after we moved to New Mexico in 1989, and have been walking since. I’ve walked in many areas, states, situations. I’ve walked at malls, parks, airports, zoos, hospitals, hotels, motels, tracks, schools, college campuses – you name it.

I’ve learned to keep it consistent, and I’ve learned that I need to do things to keep me doing it. Here are three things that help.

  • Always find a way. Walking is an exercise that doesn’t take a lot of equipment, fancy clothes, or much planning, most of the time. You do have be cautious about safety, make sure you stay hydrated and walk within your own limitation, but for the most part, you can usually find somewhere and some time to walk.

  • Take nutritional supplenments. I take high quality nutritional supplements every day, and I drink energy B-12 shots to help me with my energy. This practice has helped me tremendously.

  • Pace yourself. You won’t always feel like walking at a fast pace. I don’t beat myself up if I’m a little too stiff one day and need to walk a little slower, but I still always try to walk every day. When I pace myself, I can do more in the long run. It never fails.

Start a walking program for yourself. Be consistent and don’t give up. You will see benefits.

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Martha is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She and her husband, Kris, along with Rovey, the house dog, live in Phoenix, Arizona. They share their time between Phoenix and Sandia Park, New Mexico, where they have a small family home in the beautiful Sandia Mountains. Between their five grown children, two live in Las Vegas, two live in Arizona and one is currently traveling the U.S. Since Martha's teens, she has pursued an interest in health and wellness, leading her eventually to share what she learned with friends and family. Always writing and scribbling notes on napkins, little pieces of paper and receipts, even her hand, she began to compile her ideas into one area where she could organize them. She shares everything from ideas about products; therapies; exercise; green home living; gardening; physical, financial, emotional and mental, and natural and spiritual health, and so much more. She calls it helping people have a happy, healthy home. Having worked in the legal and real estate business for many years, Martha enjoys applying much of that experience to different aspects of healthy lifestyles and living well. In 2018, Martha celebrated her eleven-year anniversary for her website, www.RobardsHealthyLifestyles.com. It is her source of income. Updated 11/2/19

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