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     Our financial health has a lot to do with our physical and emotional health. How we manage our money has a lot to do with whether we have a calm life and money problems have been the cause of many a divorce and broken family.This section of our healthy lifestyles will explore the many connections between  our financial health and our physical and emotional well-being and provide regularly updated information items for you to read. It will focus on living within our means and being of sound mind and reasonable. You can pick and choose what applies to you and your life at the time and which topics you would like more information has a lot of good suggestions and advice regarding our financial health such as planning for the future and making good financial decisions. Learning how to control the money that passes through our hands is discussed in an article located at:                A healthy lifestyle and healthy finances go hand in hand.  Here are 6 reasons from Yahoo Finance that if your bank account and budget are in good shape, your physical health probably is too.        Sometimes our financial circumstances can become difficult and making ends meet can be hard. At times it is necessary to take stock of our situation. That may include reassessing our skills to see what we can do if we need to now earn some additional money for the family income. Have you sewn in the past, but not for many years? Was there a time when you baked more? Ate at home more? Are you good at organizing? Could you organize office space, kitchen cabinets, childrens’ bedrooms? BUDGETS       What Is a Budget?        Simply put, a budget is an estimated list of your income and expenses.   Making a budget can help you reduce your debt. How?  It lets you see where your money is coming from and where it is going every month.  Many people have no idea what they spend their money on.  They just know they have it, or they don’t.  It can be a great tool for avoiding unnecessary stress because it helps you cut down on unnecessary spending.    Here are three steps to help you start getting in the habit of making a budget:

  • Make a simple list of monthly expenses.  Include essentials and extras.
  • Make a simple list of monthly income.  Include all of your activities that generate income.
  • Put in on the refrigerator.  The point is to share it with the rest of the family, whether that is your significant other, spouse, parents, children or grand-children.  This makes it a family affair.


There are many Financial Resources available for help on these topics.

Sewing: Knowing how to sew and repair items can save you money. How? If you are able to repair garments that have become unwearable due to broken zippers, torn seams, rips, missing buttons, you will not have to buy new clothes as often. If you have a favorite shirt that is missing a button, buy a package of new buttons for $2 or $3 and replace all of the buttons. You will not only have replaced a missing button, but given your shirt a whole new look! Almost a new-to-you shirt! Not only are you saving money, but lifting your spirits as well. Accomplishing a task is good for morale. You might even be motivated to find some more items in your wardrobe to spruce up.

You can buy pretty buttons and zippers to dress up that out dated jacket or shirt with the missing button you haven’t worn in awhile at your local fabric stores. Or you can browse online and find fun items to use to bring that nifty item back to life.

There may be times when you can make some of your own crafts and sell them.  Many neighborhood recreation centers have local craft shows and events regularly.  Get familiar with what is happening at your local community centers and what events are scheduled.  Often you can have a booth at some of these events for little or no cost and sell your items.  Be sure to check with your city’s licensing and sales tax requirements.  A simple craft can bring in some needed income to fill a gap and can sometimes even expand into more business.


I like to use my blue slippers as my symbol for working from the luxury of my own home, because they are what I wear sometimes when I’m working.  Oh, I don’t work in my pajamas, but I could.  I don’t because I’m working, and I want to keep it as professional as possible, but I do wear blue slippers sometimes!

1stSlippersBlue 3-25-14

For many, starting a side business is a way to earn some extra needed income.

There are many ways in which a person can use his or her ingenuity to earn extra money to help themselves and/or their families.  Depending on where you live, there may be licenses and permits involved. I am happy to post ideas and suggestions to my website; and some notices that people may have regarding different things they are doing to help themselves earn extra money.   AFRICAN MATERIAL African material for sale.  For information contact Perodin Bideri at 602-410-8064. African Material From Pero 1-18-15 Stay tuned.










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