Oct 242016

I got permission from my friend, Michelle, to re-post this Facebook post she did Sunday because I think the message is so important.


Last night my 7 yr old son asks if we could watch a movie the whole family together. I said yes. When we got settled I was messaging a friend of mine planning an activity for the kids today. He says “mom, no phones”. Lol. I asked why. He says it’s because we’re at the movies. I love it.

Business owners or not, when we have children, let’s make sure that we make sure we’re present with them. Now the 1000th time they watch a kids show, I might just go do dishes. Lol. But we always need to set aside moments for them, no distractions.

Technology being available to us literally any second has become a blessing and a curse. I can work anywhere as long as there’s signal. Also it can be a block from the children getting attention. I am guilty of the infinite multitasking that we all do.

I will always strive to do, be, show, educate and love my children even more than I was. I think that’s every good parents goal. I just can’t ever let my reason for living and trying become my excuse for not being there.

I hope you enjoy today, your present, with those who matter to you. Happy Sunday

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Oct 242016

“Lavender has the ability to enhance the action of other oils when it is used in blends. Lavender is a sedative, Peppermint a stimulant and many commercial headache remedies combine a stimulant with one or more analgesics. This is because many of the painkilling drugs have a slightly sedative and sometimes even a depressant effect, and the stimulant is included to counteract this. By using Lavender and Peppermint, a similar effect is produced without the dangers inherent in synthetic drugs.” – From Aromatherapy An A-A, by Patricia Davis

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