Oct 152015
SupportNachoChip-FB-Gabriel 10-6-15

The Right Kind of Support

My Grandson, Gabriel, posted this on his FB page, and I really liked what it had to say, so I am sharing it. Sometimes somebody we care about just needs a little support. No matter what’s going, giving a little of the right kind of support can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes we have to ask for support. Sometimes we don’t, like in this post. Sometimes a little support just means being nice, not saying mean and hurtful things. Look for the ways we can support each other. We all need to feel loved.  That was a small gesture, but was hugely significant.  It provided emotional support as well as the good stuff on the chip.                           mlr


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Oct 122015

Our kitty cat, Honeybear, is very, very old and does not clean himself anymore like he used to.  So, I am trying to help him by giving him a ‘sponge’ bath with a really good pet shampoo I have that contains jojoba and tea tree oil. Then I brushed him out .  I hope this helps.  I thought I would do this once a week at first and see if that’s enough.  So glad I work from home!  Otherwise this would be very hard to do.  Does anyone have any other ideas?

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