So, You Work From Home

“Doing our necessary tasks every day, even when we’re not feeling up to it, is what helps us to develop a routine. In turn, developing a routine can help us learn how to concentrate, or hone the skill of concentrating, because we know that at a certain time every day, we have a particular task to accomplish. If we need to make ten phone calls, staying focused on those ten calls is the only way they will get done. Make your list of people to call and determine what time to make the calls. Don’t stop until you are done. If you get another call, either let it to go voice mail, or answer it and tell the person you are working and will return the call later.  Do it every day.”  I wrote this in an article last August entitled, “Concentration Information With a Twist”.  The point was to stay focused and develop good habits. Whatever the task is that needs to be done regularly, continue working at it until it becomes a habit.  Only then will you begin to see results.   That will help your home business.  You will become known for excellence.

Aristotle agreed.  He said, “…  We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”   Solid principals are time tested and true.  Aristotle wrote that many, many years ago, yet the principal still holds true today.

It Works With Most Things

This principal works with most things we’re trying to do, whether its starting an exercise routine, beginning the journey of improving our health by taking high quality nutritional supplements, or ridding our homes of toxic cleaning products.  Stay focused on your task.  Start slowly, set goals, stay focused.  When exercising, as we build up strength and endurance, what is becoming a habit gets much easier.  Then the time will come to reevaluate the situation and set new goals.  As we see an improvement in our health by being consistent with taking our supplements, or eating more plant-based foods, we will be spurred on to look at the next goal, the next level.

Different people see different results, but all see results, if there is consistent effort.  Some of us may have to work a little harder developing a certain habit, where someone else can develop the same habit very easily.  We find out what works for us individually by doing it.  Start today.  Do this:

  • Determine Your Why.   Why do you want a business working from the luxury of your home?  Why do you want to starting walking 20 minutes a day?  Why are you looking for good, high quality nutritional products?  Think about your reasons for doing these things and then don’t lose sight of what those reasons are.
  • Make a Goal and a Plan.  After you think about your why, make a goal and a plan.  If you want to walking for 20 minutes a day because (your why) your doctor suggested it to help with your back pain, how will you do that?  The goal is to walk 20 minutes a day.  Where will you walk?  When will you walk?  Determine the factors necessary to reach your goal.  Then do it.  Remember, the goal is to walk 20 minutes a day.
  • Work Your Plan.  An illustration of what a ‘sample’ plan might look like at first is this:  “I want to walk at the park for 20 minutes in the mornings before I go to work.  I want do this at least an hour before I leave for work, so that I have enough time to get ready and don’t feel rushed.  I will put my walking shoes and clothes out the night before so they will be ready.”    Make it work for you, but do it.

When you have ‘worked your plan’ for one day, give yourself a small reward or pat on the back.  It was good.  It worked.  I would think, “I can do this again tomorrow.”

  • Be Regular.  Only by doing something regularly does it become a habit.  If you miss a day, that’s okay.  Get right back to it.  If you miss a day or two, that’s okay.  Get right back to it.  Getting back to it is what makes it regular.

It’s not really that Aristotle agreed with me.  I agree with him.


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